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Regional Networks

NetworkDescriptionAllocated to / 24 Porto Alegre Metropolitan Network PY3NZ / 24 SP PY2ZEN / 24 Samambaia, Brasilia, BR PT2LDR / 24 AMRASE PY1IBM / 24 RN PU7ISS / 24 UEB RS PY3NZ / 24 Cachoeirinha Metropolitan Network PY3NZ / 24 PU2UPS São Paulo - Brazil PU2UPS / 28 PKTSP -São Paulo PY2BIL / 24 Rede AMPR DF PU2ENG / 29 DVBrazil PU2ENG / 24 Rio Radio Network PU1JDI / 32 RN PU7ISS / 29 EXPERIMENTAL PU3KPR PU3KPR / 24 Rio de Janeiro PY1EGG

If the address range you want is not within any of the subnets above, or the region you are located in is not listed above, you may request an allocation from the parent network by clicking here:

You need to be logged in to request an allocation. If you are not logged in when you make a request, you will be re-directed to the login page.

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